The most visited site in Ariège, with between 80 and 000 visitors each year, the Château de Foix is ​​a true symbol of the department. Classified from 90 among the first Historical Monuments, it housed part of the collections of the Departmental Museum.

However, recent studies had revealed that this place, as emblematic as it is, no longer offered the complete satisfaction of visitors. At the foot of the Castle was, until 2015, the Tribunal de Grande Instance of Foix. Returned by the Ministry of Justice to the Departmental Council, this was a real opportunity for the modernization of the site. Former Palace of the Governors, this building was, as its name suggests, the residence of the representatives of the King of France. It was built under Louis XIV, in place of an old chapel and the poultry yard of the medieval castle.

These works lasted almost 3 years, they were worthy of the great medieval construction sites. All the trades have worked for this renewal: mason, plumbers, electricians, painters, plasterer, but also museographer, model makers, decorators, restorers ...

If a 2000m2 museum was born in a short time, the Château has also received special attention.

Regularly maintained and restored over the centuries, the Departmental Council, concerned about its conservation, has launched a vast project to restore, maintain and secure the site. Under the direction of heritage architect Axel Letellier, various projects took place: treatment of cracks on the wall of the west curtain wall, reinforcement of the crenellations of the round tower, resumption of eroded corbels, installation of new freestone, recovery waterproofing of the terrace between the two towers, resumption of the surrounding walls and complete repair of the stairs of the middle tower… so many interventions worthy of the greatest medieval construction sites! The heliports followed one another and were very impressive.

With a total investment amounting to 8 million euros, financed by Europe, the State, the Occitanie Region and the Departmental Council of Ariège, the Château was finally ready for its renewal.

On July 6, 2019, after nearly three years of work, Château de Foix regained all of its medieval soul; a new museum, therefore, a restored building, pieces reconstructed as in the XNUMXth century, the fruit of long research, workshops created to perfect the immersion and trained and costumed mediators to welcome you in medieval times.