The Palais des Evêques welcomes the ancient music ensemble Antiphona for a 1h15 concert in the cathedral of Notre Dame de la Sède, within the walls of the Palais des Evêques. 

“Antiphona takes you on a discovery of surprising polyphonies dedicated to the figure of the Virgin Mary. A journey undertaken in the confines of the medieval period and completed in the splendors of the French Baroque, through the evocation of the most famous Marian prayers, set to music by composers from all over the world. We will discuss rich and fascinating vocal works, sometimes unfairly unknown to the general public.
From the Middle Ages the image of Mary unfolds beyond the simple maternal and human figure. After her death, according to many texts, the body of the deceased would not have remained in her tomb but would have immediately ascended to heaven. Very quickly, Marie became Regina coeli (The Queen of Heaven). It then symbolizes a passage between the living and the dead, between earth and sky… ”

Useful information :
Reservation required
Price: free entry 
Hours: 19:30 p.m. (1h15 concert)


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