Le 12/06/2021


The Night of Prehistory allows you to visit the Prehistory Park for free in an unusual, mysterious and free way from noon to midnight.
During the day and in the evening, we (re) discover the park, its workshops and traditional activities. But, for the Night of Prehistory, it is especially in the evening that you have to come!

From 21 p.m., candles will illuminate the waterfalls, lakes, trees and prehistoric camp. This naturally intimate and magical lighting will encourage strolling, traveling and strolling in the Park.
After several editions on the theme of fire and the theme of air, it is around the third element to be honored for a new cycle on the theme of water.

To succeed the prestigious “Porté par le vent” troupe, it is the turn of the equally prestigious “Atlantid” company to take over the Park, its lakes and waterfalls. From 21:30 p.m., colored water fountains will set the tone for the evening which will be placed under the sign of contemplation and dreams. 
At 22:30 p.m., once night has fallen, the show begins: water games, grandiose fountains, worthy of Versailles, will unfold over nearly 30 meters long and 12 meters high. They will be combined with two giant water curtains, which, like screens, will support projections on the theme of prehistory. The water that shaped the caves will therefore become, for an evening, the wall on which the Cro-Magnons of the XNUMXst century will pay homage to the paintings of the Magdalenian. 

Please note: for the occasion, the Parc restaurant will offer a special menu. 
Reservations are strongly recommended, but latecomers can rest assured that a fast food option will also be possible on site.

Useful information :
Saturday June 12 2021
Open from 12 p.m. to midnight
Free Entrée

[2021 program under development - dates and content subject to change]


The Night of Prehistory
Saturday 12 June
Saturday Open


Free Entrée

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