After exceptional work worthy of the greatest medieval construction sites, the Counts of Foix welcome you to their homes with your groups and work teams!


Your group visit will take place in 3 stages: a free visit of the museum space, a free visit of the Castle and free participation in the various workshops offered.

the museum area & Castle

At the foot of the castle, you will discover the brand new museum space of 2000 m² and get to know the different Counts of Foix, their wives, their beliefs, their passions and their daily life of hunts, wars, politics and parties.

On its rock, the castle is also getting a makeover! If from the outside, you will find its imposing walls and its three towers that have defied wars and time, inside, a complete change of scenery. In each room, the large ceremonial room, the Count's bedroom, the weapons room, the scriptorium, the dungeon ... furniture, seats and weapons are all more realistic than the others!

You want a personalized tour to the museum area and / or the Castle? A guide will be made available to you on request (+ € 2,50 / person for the museum and + € 2,50 / person for the castle).

Even more unusual! You want to visit the castle with one of its occupants come directly from the Middle Ages? Themed tours are possible (+ € 2,50 / person).


The terraces of the fortress will not be outdone with participatory workshops led by our characters straight from the Middle Ages.

The medieval weapons

In the form of a workshop held by our medieval characters, you will familiarize yourself with the weapons of war from the time of Fébus: the bow and the crossbow. It is matter of prestige, speed shooting, materials, anecdotes battlefield ... and many other things!

The size of the stone

Located at the foot of the famous round tower which is the pride of the Counts and of the Castle, you will discover, during this participatory workshop, the secrets of medieval builders: knotted rope, mallet and chisel, workman's marks and so much more. ! The walls have not finished talking to you.

The medieval forge

During this demonstrative workshop, it will be about iron, fire and hammer ... all with noise and smell! In this true medieval forge, we operate the bellows, we put the blushing iron and we shape the instruments which will then be used by the stonemason or the crossbowman.

War and Construction Machines, Scale 1

uring demonstrations, you understand the ingenuity and functionality of large machines like the trebuchet or the "squirrel cage". Volunteers can even drive some of them.

practical information

  • Duration of the visit: 4h
  • Price: 9 € / person



With the medieval rally of Château de Foix, put your teams to the test of ancient times! Your mission ? Search, solve and take up puzzles and challenges in teams, to discover the history of the castle ...

And also

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Our ideas

combined visits + meals

Treasury of Prehistory

  • Visit of the Prehistory Park
  • Terroir menu at the Parc restaurant
  • Visit of the Niaux cave

Day rate: 37 € / person

Time travel

  • Visit of the Prehistory Park
  • Terroir menu at the Parc restaurant
  • Visit of Chateau de Foix

Day rate: 35 € / person

Geology & Prehistory

  • Visit of the Prehistory Park
  • Terroir menu at the Parc restaurant
  • Visit of the Bédeilhac cave

Day rate: 33,10 € / person


how to book?

Contact the reservation department on 05 61 05 50 40.
Patricia and Geraldine will advise you and organize, with you, your tailor-made outing.


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