Live, in a group, the unique experience of an authentic journey to the heart of Prehistory. Like a pioneer, discover the cave of Niaux, only lit by your lamps and follow the 800 m of underground route that will lead you to the Salon Noir and its treasures.


Unique paintings

Past the majestic porch, a 800-meter-long gallery, adorned in places with mysterious geometric signs, leads to the Salon Noir, a vast rotunda in which a hundred animal representations (bison, horses, ibex, deer) are concentrated. 

During your guided tour, you will be able to admire, like nowhere else, the authentic paintings of our ancestors. Here no facsimiles but superb paintings of animals associated with enigmatic signs that transport you to distant times on a sacred adventure.

The quality of execution and conservation of paintings dating from the Magdalenian (16 years before today) make this cave a major site of prehistoric cave art.

practical information

  • Duration of the guided tour: 1h40
  • Price: 11 € / person


The restaurant at the Parc de la Préhistoire welcomes you in a friendly setting, offering you a panoramic view of the lakes and waterfalls.

In keeping with the gastronomic traditions of Ariège, the team favors local cuisine with quality products in short circuits. The cuisine of the Chef and his team is mainly based on fresh products. Children of the country, they unearth the best surrounding producers: from magret from the Terroirs of Montégut Plantaurel to the sweet flavors of Sambuc, from Gascon cow from Steakeurs ariégeois to spices from Hypocras, the team lovingly selects the ingredients and pays tribute to this region she loves so much.

Several formulas can be offered: pastries / coffee reception, breakfasts, buffets, plate service, etc. The team adapts to your budget and your wishes for a tailor-made welcome.

Our ideas

combined visits + meals

Treasury of Prehistory

  • Visit of the Prehistory Park
  • Terroir menu at the Parc restaurant
  • Visit of the Niaux cave

Day rate: 37 € / person

Time travel

  • Visit of the Prehistory Park
  • Terroir menu at the Parc restaurant
  • Visit of Chateau de Foix

Day rate: 35 € / person

Geology & Prehistory

  • Visit of the Prehistory Park
  • Terroir menu at the Parc restaurant
  • Visit of the Bédeilhac cave

Day rate: 33,10 € / person


how to book?

Contact the reservation department on 05 61 05 50 40.
Patricia and Geraldine will advise you and organize, with you, your tailor-made outing.


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