Histoire d’une découverte : la galerie des modelages

Bédeilhac cave #Archeology #Prehistoric art

History of a discovery: the modeling gallery

As is the case with many caves at the start of the XNUMXth century, the Bédeilhac cave attracts many scholars and prehistorians. The new science, Prehistory, fascinates and ...

December 15, 2020

Histoire d’un objet : la dent de cachalot sculptée

Mas-d'Azil cave #Archeology #Prehistoric art

History of an object: the carved sperm whale tooth

With its monumental porch, the Mas-d'Azil cave has always attracted the attention of men. However, it was not until the XNUMXth century that the site became…

December 15, 2020

Insolite : fêter son anniversaire au Parc de la Préhistoire

Prehistoric Park #Anniversary #Celebration

Unusual: celebrate your birthday at the Prehistory Park

Celebrating a birthday, for a child, is a great moment. We bring friends together, we play, we taste, we blow out the candles ... but for parents, let's be honest, it is often ...

December 08, 2020

Insolite : et si on se mariait au Parc de la Préhistoire ?

Prehistoric Park #Celebration #Wedding

Unusual: what if we got married at the Prehistory Park?

A grandiose setting, out of time: lakes and waterfalls for your photographs, bucolic park for strolling, panoramic terrace for your cocktail and professional staff at your disposal. A place…

December 08, 2020

Les coulisses du Château de Foix : une armure sur-mesure

Foix castle #Behind the scenes #Know how

Behind the scenes of Château de Foix: tailor-made armor

When considering the new Château de Foix, the Ariège Tourist Sites team wanted to present to the public pieces that would allow everyone to get a better idea ...

December 01, 2020

Les coulisses du Château de Foix : 2 ans de travaux pour un renouveau

Foix castle #Behind the scenes #Works

Behind the scenes of Château de Foix: 2 years of work for a renewal

The most visited site in Ariège, with between 80 and 000 visitors each year, the Château de Foix is ​​a true symbol of the department. Classified from 90 among ...

Published on September 28 2020

Un peu d’Histoire : le Château de Foix, la force préservée

Foix castle # Middle ages #Heritage

A bit of history: the Château de Foix, the preserved strength

The Castle of the Counts of Foix, with its high walls and its three towers, stands at the confluence of the Arget and Ariège rivers, on an imposing rocky outcrop overlooking ...

Published on September 25 2020

Dans les coulisses du Palais des Evêques : la restauration de la Cathédrale

Bishop's Palace #Behind the scenes #Restoration

Behind the scenes of the Bishop's Palace: the restoration of the Cathedral

The bishops' palace which dominates the city of Saint-Lizier is a unique site for several reasons. Ancient Roman stronghold in Antiquity, the bishops built a palace there ...

Published on September 24 2020

Grotte de Niaux : l’histoire d’une découverte

Cave of Niaux #Archeology #Prehistory

Cave of Niaux: the story of a discovery

The first visits to have left traces in the Grotte de Niaux date from the beginning of the XNUMXth century, the walls with several hundred graffiti from this period. During…

Published on September 23 2020

Le Réseau Clastres : trésor inaccessible de la grotte de Niaux

Cave of Niaux #Archeology #Prehistoric art

The Clastres Network: inaccessible treasure of the Niaux cave

The cave of Niaux has been known to men since the night of time: they visited it and left their traces there in Prehistory, of course, but in…

Published on September 23 2020