Celebrating a birthday, for a child, is a great moment. We bring friends together, we play, we taste, we blow out the candles… but for parents, let's be honest, it's often the obstacle course! How to occupy these dear little ones? How to avoid boredom and arguments? How to survive without fear of seeing your house or your garden turned upside down for an afternoon?

The Prehistory Park has the solution for you! Because yes, there is an alternative to indoor parks and clowns!

To them the 13 hectares outdoors, the lakes and waterfalls, the 2000m2 museum space with its giant animals which will be reminiscent of the famous cartoon or the fun and participatory workshops. They will play, have a good time and learn while having fun.

On the program of this festive event, therefore, a visit to the Park, a snack with a birthday cake of your choice, fruit juice and soda and finally, the gift for the birthday child.


inspection prices

From € 14,50 / child, 5 participants minimum.
Free entry for the birthday child and 2 parents.

contact and reservation

Contact our reservation department on 05 61 05 50 40 or via the online form.